Happy Canada day!

Today we woke up inJarvis and started to drive west. The day before we had seen a house with a lot of old tractors outside, so today -we stopped there and had a little chat with the owner and he gave us a trip around his private museum.
We ate by the Lake and drove in to Detroit while we got through the custom this time - not by pulling one of the cars. Afterwards we had a little problems to find a campground. Our GPS took us to a house district(which were supposed to be a campground according to the GPS). Quite soon we got help from some nice, local people and they gave us a street with a couple of hotels.

I dag vknet vi opp i Jarvis i Canada og startet kjre vestover. Dagen fr hadde vi sett et hus som hadde en hel haug med gamle traktorer utenfor - s i dag tok vi turen innom han. Han ga oss en rundtur i sitt private museum.
Vi spiste ved innsjen i en liten town som het Seacliffe, etterp kjrte vi vdere til Detroit. Vi kom oss tryggt igjennom tollen denne gangen - uten dytte noen av bilene. Etterp hadde vi litt problemer med finne en campingplass/motell/hotell. Vi prvde f inn nrmeste gjennom GPS'en, men den tok oss til et jdedistrikt. Der fikk vi massevis av hjelp og det samlet seg fler og fler rundt bilene vre. En av de skulle visstnok skrive en reportasje om oss. Vi ble velsignet og kjrte videre for finne gaten de hadde gitt oss for hoteller.

The teenboys at the tractors!
Ungdomsgutta p traktorene!

Kassandra, Katinka & Jorunn at the tractors!
Kassandra, Katinka & Jorunn p de gamle traktorene.

Happy Canada day!
Canadas nasjonaldag!

Local people helping us
Lokale hjelper oss

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Ronnie Schreiber

02.jul.2011 kl.06:49

Hi, I met you today when you got lost in Oak Park, outside Detroit. I'm the person with the 3D camera. I'm writing an article for The Truth About Cars (www.ttac.com) about your journey across America (and will also post photos as www.carsindepth.com) and I need a couple of details. I know that one family are the Hagens, but I don't know the other family that is in your group. Can you give me all of your names and ages?

How long have you been planning this trip?

What gave you the idea to do it?

Why the Renault 4?

Do any of you belong to a Renault 4 club?

Have you tried making contact with American Renault enthusiasts?

Good luck with your trip.

Ronnie Schreiber



09.jul.2011 kl.21:54

Svends (charlie's) -angels on the tractors?! ;-)

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