Today we left our cars at the hotel and went to Manhattan by subway today to go sightseeing. Since yesterday turned out to be most shopping for most of us, we decided that it was time to see the city. We went to ground zero (world trade center), Battery park (down by the river where you can see the Statue of Liberty), China Town and Little Italy. We settled down in Little Italy to have a drink - but ended up sitting there for about 4-5 hours.

Tomorrow though, we are going to drive the cars into the city!


I dag forlot vi bilene våre på hotellet, og dro til Manhattan med undergrunn for å gå på sightseein. Siden gårsdagen ble mye shopping for flesteparten av oss, syntes vi det var på tide å se byen ordentlig. Vi besøkte Zero Ground (World Trade center), Battery Park hvor en kan se frihetsgudinnen, China Town og Little Italy. We satt oss ned for å ta noe å drikke i Little Italy, men ble sittende der i 4-5 timer.

I morgen derimot skal vi ta med bilene inn til byen!

Subway - where to?
En gjeng med turister som ikke vet helt hvor de skal

Rebuilding of World Trade Center
Gjenoppbygging av World Trade Center

Street performers which gained insanly much money! There's noe business like show business!
Gateopptreden. Guttene klarte å dra inn helt enorme summer! De var vell heller business menn enn turnere.

Kassandra was picked out to be one of the volunteers!
Kassandra ble plukket ut til å være en av de frivillige.

China Town!

Not a kind of parking place you see everyday! Notice the old Volkswagen.
Ikke en parkeringsplass en ser hver dag! Legg merke til den gamle Volkswagen.

The boys at the restaurants terrace in Little Italy.
Noen av guttene på terrassen til restauranten i Little Italy.

Nå sier vi god natt, og god søndagsmorgen til dere hjemme i Norge!

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26.jun.2011 kl.14:21

Det ser i alle fall ut som dere har været med dere - og at dere har en fin tur så langt.

Kos dere videre, det har dere fortjent.

Hilsen alle oss på Kjeller

Doc Mark and Sweet Bride

26.jun.2011 kl.21:47

Greetings, All,

My wife and I are very happy for the adventure you are enjoying, and we wish you a happy, safe, and enjoyable time here in the US!! What a wonderful blessing to be able to undertake it, and congratulations for your intrepid spirit! We are part of a stove collecting group based in the UK, with members from all over the world, including Norway. One of our Norwegian members posted a note on Classic Camp Stoves about your trip, and this is why I am writing you, now. I am known on that site as Doc Mark and my wife as Sweet Bride. We live in California, in a small mountain town about 80 miles East of Los Angeles. We know that you probably already have a full slate of wonderful things to do when you get out this way, but if you did have time, and would like to do this, we would love to drive down the mountain, and treat you to pizza and drinks in LA, or someplace close by, possibly at the beach!! If, for any reason, you cannot do this, we understand completely. But, if this sounds like something you might like to do, please check us out at Classic Camp Stoves, and you will see that we are long time members, with good friends all over the world! One of our dear friends, from Norway, even came out and spent a few days with us in our mountain home, and we have a lovely time! In any case, we wish you all a fantastic and safe time on your adventure!!! If you would like to meet some new friends in California, for an evening of fun and conversation, please contact us, and we can try to arrange to meet up with you whilst you are nearby! Take care, and may God Bless you all on this wonderful adventure!!

Every Good Wish,

Doc Mark and Sweet Bride


27.jun.2011 kl.16:09

Kommentaren over må jeg påta meg skylda for. Posta link til bloggen deres på,noe som resulterte i flere fine kommentarer der pluss den over.

Ha en fortsatt fortreffelig ferie(?)

Kjør vakkert.

Hils alt og alle fra Lørenskog

Odd (aka Stoveuser på primusforumet)


02.jul.2011 kl.04:40

Doc Mark and Sweet Bride:

Greatings from Detroit!

nice to hear from you. our journey is going forward but we havent set our finaly route yet. we will very much like to meet you if our schedule alows it.

best regards from R4 fans!

Geir Olav Schulstad

12.jul.2011 kl.16:31

This is a nice blogg and we wish you a wonderful journey to LA.

We are on a shorter trip driving from New York to the Mid West and back to the East Coast.

Love from Norwegians in Minnesota - this is great!

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